Professional  3D printers from 3D Center

3D Center offers solutions for additive production and 3D printing with one of the largest assortments of professional 3D printers. Our product range coves most of the techniques and materials used by professionals today, and we are constantly adding new technology and applications to our portfolio in order to be able to offer the best solutions on the market.

We not only sell 3D printers, we also rent them to customers, and advise them in their selection process. Renting has become more and more popular, as it offers a more flexible solution for short-range needs. We help companies through the entire process from identifying needs, to demos, prints and calculating ROI on business cases.

Largest assortment in the additive production and 3D printing industry

With more than 70 different 3D printer models, covering a large variety of 3D printing techniques, 3D center has by far the largest assortment in the additive production market. Our mission is to provide 3D printers for professional use an production with a sizable range of materials used by different professions. In order to do this we have strategic partnerships with Prodways, 3DPlatform, Exceltec, and solidThinking, among others.


We share many years of experience in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. With our expertise we’ll keep you informed and updated and help you make the right choices in the area of 3D Printing.

The next generation 3D Printing Solutions

3D Center offer a large assortment of next generation products. Join our journey into the future of 3D Printing