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Project Description

300 Series Workbench Pro

When additional size is required for great details, 300 or 400 Series can be the natural machine option. The machine is equipped with a practical workbench for materials or accessories. In order to cope with the tough demands that come with the increased size, all linear dictators and mechatronics are enhanced.

The machine has HFA extruder as standard but can be upgraded to HFE type. Even the unique SurePrint technology with precision and power servomotors comes as standard. The machine is equipped with Wifi function for control and monitoring. Construction volume: 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.7 m

3D Platform 300 Series

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3D Platform Workbench series

3DPlatform has developed Workbench series, which stands for large size, but also at a very economic level. The technique is FDM / FFF with mechatronics with very high precision. By varying the nozzle size, the user can choose between smaller, high-resolution prints or larger prints in a short space of time! Double extruders are standard.