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Project Description

HP Jet Fusion 5200

The series includes HP Jet Fusion 5200, 5210 and 5210 pro. This new hardware comes with several improvements and upgrades that gives the user an even higher productivity than the 4200 series with up to 40% lower “total cost per part”.

Among many of the new features the 5200 series has a new single-pass configuration for a faster print speed and stronger lamps for better accuracy and stability. Other advantages of the new series include increased flexibility and improved uptime. HP has also developed a much more sophisticated thermal imaging system that provides a better precision and – process control.

Produces products in Black

Construction volume380 x 284 x 380mm

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HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager

HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager

Product info

HP Jet Fusion Product Sheet


This product sheets contains detailed information about the HP Jet Fusion 5200 series

HP Multi Jet Fusion broschyr


This datasheet provides details on HP Multi Jet Fusion and HP’s strategies and vision to introduce a new era of
digital manufacturing.

HP Jet Fusion Tech Guide


This technical guideline is published with the intention to help potential material suppliers who are interested in developing suitable materials for HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology through HP Open Materials Platform.


HP 3D Printing materials overview


HP 3D HR PA11 datasheet


 HP 3D HR PA11, 3D Material

HP 3D High Reusability PA 12


This cost-effective PA 12 material used by HP Multi Jet Fusion technology has a very fine grain, resulting in parts with higher density and lower porosity than parts produced with Laser Sintering.

HP 3D HR PA12 GB datasheet




Evonik has developed and produced special plastic materials, which allow for the industrial production of high-tech components in using 3D printing technologies for years. Polyamide 12 based powders VESTOSINT® convince with their high quality and processing capabilities, and the property profile of each powder is perfectly matched to the respective 3D printing technology.


HP Ramp Up education


Ramp-Up Service I is part of HP Productivity Services. This service will help you ramp up to production quickly with the most efficient operational procedures in place