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Project Description

Prodways ProMaker L7000

ProMaker L7000 was designed to produce parts in large quantities. It performs at very high speeds as well. Basically there is no other printer on the market that can It is the only printer produce the same large parts with this exceptional degree of resolution and precision – and at the same time also produce the smallest, most detailed parts. You get the fullest range of applications with this and other 3D printers from Prodways.

ProMaker L7000 has the very highest performance

ProMaker L7000’s native speed, accelerated by the presence of two luminous heads (moving DLP), results in high production throughput. But at the same time, it also maintains very high quality. Compatible with 365-nm UV resins, the ProMaker L7000 is ideal for a wide variety of applications, no matter how demanding the requirements. The outcome is significantly improved profitability while satisfying the most stringent demands for accuracy.
L series 3d printers prodways plastic components

  • Optimum Speed: up to 10 times faster than market standards
  • Technology allowing for unequaled Production volumes
  • Superior output surface quality requiring minimum finishing
  • Low operating costs due to minimal wear-and-tear on parts
  • LED light source is more economical to operate and replace than a laser
  • The most detailed parts on the market at high throughput: hundreds of small parts in just few hours at a resolution of less than 40 .mu.m
  • Unequaled resolution, hundreds of millions of pixels per layer
  • High precision in all three dimensions (vertical AND horizontal)

ProMaker L7000 prodways technical specifications 3d printer