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Project Description

The ProMaker V6000 is specifically designed for composite parts

The ProMaker V6000 has a unique processing capacity of very highly viscous materials (pastes). It also has outstanding throughput, resolution and precision. This 3D Printer is the industrial solution for manufacturing composite parts, particularly ceramic and metal by 3D printing. The resultant parts have very high density, reaching 95% to 99% for ceramic.

A unique solution for manufacturing

Prodways puts particular emphasis on innovation and development of composite materials. The 3D printers from Prodways have increasingly robust and complex properties, and with new materials being developed constantly, the range of products this high-performance machine can print is constantly increasing.

Read the technical specifications for this 3D printer here.

The ProMaker V6000 uses arevolutionary 3D printing technology

This 3D printer opens a wide range of possibilities for the creation and development of premium innovative composites and hybrid materials.

  • A unique solution for high viscous materials: no machine on the market today allows the usage of premium materials with the degree of detail and precision achieved by the ProMaker V6000 from Prodways.
  • Unlimited possibilities for premium materials: part and parcel of Prodways’ know-how is the creation of premium composites and hybrid materials, with impressive performance in terms of mechanical properties (resistance and elasticity), physical and aesthetic properties (color and transparency) and stability over time.
  • UV polymerization of liquid materials and composites in the form of pastes containing high levels of ceramic, metal, fibre or nano-particles provides Prodways with the means to develop new applications with mechanical properties as yet unexplored in 3D printing today such as resistance to ultra-high temperature or flexibility.
  • Prodways is capable of developing highly viscous materials, which are compatible with our V Series machines, for specific applications requiring Zirconia, Hydroxyapatite, Aluminia, or Tricalcium Phosphate pastes.

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